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Canab is a cannabinoid company which aims to create a fully fledged vertically integrated agritech company. This plant has proven incredible upsides for various uses and research indicates downsides to be exaggerated over the past decades. By exploiting the cannabis plant for a number of legal uses, Canab will not only aid in tackling a number of planetary issues, but moreover create an attractive investor opportunity into CBD with a relatively low entry barrier. By leveraging the reliable security token design, Canab will provide a low cost transparent investment climate, while acting in compliance with local laws.

Project Vision

August 2019

Team Development

September 2019


December 2019


February 2020

Bussiness Plan

March 2020

Agreement: 289HA

Contract Medgidia, Romania, March 2020

STO Whitelisting

November 2020

STO Presale

January 2021

STO Public Offering

March 2021

Benefits of Cannabis


The whole plant or its extracts can be used to control or relieve medical or mental health conditions. The effects may start right away and last for 3 to 4 hours. Cannabis may be taken in the form of a pill, capsule, oil, or mouth spray. Cannabis can also be smoked, baked into food, or made into tea.


It is estimated that up to 90% of the energy produced by the use of fossil fuels could be produced from biomass. Hemp can be converted to methane, methanol or petrol. By ridding ourselves of the pollution factories and the resulting sulphurous smogs which are released into the atmosphere we could dramatically reduce acid rain and begin the reverse the Greenhouse Effect. 


Cannabis can be harvested in 3 to six months as compared with 30 or more years for trees. It can produce double or more fibre as wood chippings and requires no dangerous chemicals in the paper pulping processes. No chlorine is needed for bleaching and no deadly dioxins are thrown into the environment. Hemp paper will outlive even the best quality wood pulp paper or papyrus paper.


Hemp seed is the single most complete food on the planet and can be grown quickly almost anywhere, yet the world is allowed to starve as a result of the often total prohibition of cannabis. During recent years, some countries, notably the Maldives, have given life sentences to people found with even three seeds, whilst in the Western world it is readily available for use as bird food and fishing bait.


Hemp is for replacing wooden materials. as it can be pressed into a variety of forms. It can be used to make furniture and beams, being stronger and more flexible than timber as well as more financially and environmentally beneficial.


Approximately 90 percent of sails and most rigging, nets, rope, flags and sealant was made from cannabis until this century; even nappies and towels. Clothes made from hemp are more durable yet softer than those made from cotton, a plant which requires much pesticide and fertilizer to grow. 


For hundreds of years hemp seed oil was used to make paints and varnishes. Some of the greatest works of art were created on canvas (incidentally a Dutch word meaning cannabis), including works of Rembrandt, Van Gogh etc.


Until this century hemp seed oil was used to produce most of the light in the world. It burns with an even light and odes not produce the soot characteristic of modern oils. It can also be used as a lubricant.

Canab Holding

Canab Holding is a vertically integrated company with the mission to give out people the most benefits of the cannabis Sativa L plant through excellent products across various industries and comprises of:

Canab Research

Use EU funds for a research center to be founded in key location for Seeds and strains research and production, medical applications, cosmetics, foods, textiles, hurds

Canab Crops

Agricultural land and vertical farms for plantations in various parts of the world strategically chosen with accessible land price. Current land location is based in Romania. This branch is responsible for land management, facility maintenance, production, harvest and logistics

Canab Health

Production of Oils, Tinctures , Crystals and key supplements, chain of Canab based Clinique’s and Spa’s

Canab Cosmetics

Production of  skincare and body cleaning products

Canab Foods

Production and commercialization of Dietary and sport supplements

Canab Textiles

Productions and commercialization of fiber and textile related products

Canab Hurds

Production and commercialization of paper, organic compost, animal bedding and fiber boars


Canab Token

Security tokens opposed to traditional stock open up a range of possibilities for improvements of security transactions.

Firstly, the transparent characteristic of keeping a ledger on a blockchain enforces trust among users. Besides transparency among investors, the blockchain also creates a transparent relation between investors and issuers. Fraudulent activities have not been uncommon. For instance, the case of Dole food having too many outstanding shares is a frequently used example in the blockchain space in favor of security tokens. Another example is the gold market which is often accused of having more outstanding shares than physical gold. A security token offering does not allow room for these accusations.

Secondly, security tokens are more easily tradable than traditional equity. Investors have more access to liquidity, as most tokens do not incorporate lockup periods and the market is open 24/7. Furthermore, entry barriers are lower in terms of capital as generally there are no minimum investments and fragmental trading is allowed, opening up possibilities for even the smallest traders.

Lastly, the use of security tokens increases the level of automation. Automatic Teller Machines were an enormous improvement for banks in terms of running costs in the late seventies, logically charged to customers. Likewise, security tokens also remove standard tasks and thus lower running costs and costs of dividend payouts. Again, this improvement has relatively more impact on the smaller investors.

Tokenomics table

Token type



Asset Backed

Raise Amount

13.500.000 €

Total tokens issued

Total tokens available for first round


Reference (base) token price

4,67 €


90 Days

Token Rights

Dividends / Profit Rights

Token Symbol








Restricted Areas

China, Iran, North Korea

Accepted currencies



European Union



Limit per person during public rounds

No limit

Each token equals a square meter of land plus operational costs for the end product.

The first raise we do targets 289 HA.

The rest of the tokens will stay in licensed custodian and will be released with the next fundraising (new land acquisition).


Target amount of HA


Starting amount of HA


Location of the land

Medgidia, Romania

Land cost (Ownership)

700.000 €

CBD Factory building

5.000.000 €


1.000.000 €


4.600.000 €


500.000 €


500.000 €


200.000 €


500.000 €

Human Resources

500.000 €


13.500.000 €

Canab Whitepaper

This whitepaper is created to address crypto investors, CBD consumers and cannabis investors, elaborating on both the production and use of cannabinoids as well as the implications of our asset backed token solution. The forces of the rapidly evolving cannabis and crypto spaces are combined in this unstoppable venture, opening doors for consumers, investors and the planet for a better tomorrow.

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